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Personal Trainer guiding member on an exercise machine

It can be easy to become intimidated by the idea of working one on one with a fitness professional.  Often people feel they are not “in shape” enough to do so after seeing the trainer with a client doing workouts they know they could not do.   

Let’s set the record straight.  Personal Trainers are here to meet you where you are now.  Training for a triathlon?  Trying to lose 40 pounds?  Need to improve your balance?  You can expect your workouts to be designed specifically for your needs and goals.  The workouts and exercises will be appropriate to your ability.  You will be encouraged to keep continual communication with your trainer not only between your workouts but also during so things can be adjusted on the fly as needed.  They should not be scary or exhausting but motivating and energizing.     

We are all on a unique fitness journey and our personal trainers are here to guide you.  They motivate and push you when you need it, provide accountability to keep you on track, and warn you if you are getting too far ahead of yourself.  They will keep that big picture in focus while breaking down your long-term goals into smaller, more manageable short-term goals.  

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