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woman creating a will.

The Y is often called a cradle-to-grave organization because of our holistic view of the human experience. In fact, we think even broader. According to a 2022 survey by, 67% of Americans do not have a will. This means that more than two-thirds of adults in the United States have not taken the time to document their end-of-life wishes. If you are among them, make this the month you check off that important task.  

Make a Will Month, celebrated annually in August, is an opportunity to raise awareness about the significance of estate planning and making a will. The initiative aims to prompt individuals to take action and address any uncertainties regarding their assets, beneficiaries, and end-of-life wishes. Regardless of age or wealth, everyone should have a will. Creating a will ensures that your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes, and it provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones. 

Did you know that you can designate a nonprofit as a beneficiary of part or all of your estate in your will? As a friend of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, we hope you may consider the Y in your future charitable giving plans. For more information on ways to leave a legacy gift to the YMCA, please visit our website 

For those who already have a will, Make a Will Month is an excellent time to review and make changes. Life is constantly changing, and so are our circumstances. Major life events or the acquisition of assets may necessitate adjustments to your will. By keeping your will up to date, you can ensure that it accurately reflects your current wishes. 

Seeking the counsel of an experienced estate planning attorney is recommended during Make a Will Month. An attorney can provide valuable insights, explain legal jargon, and help ensure that your will complies with local laws. There are also online resources available such as that can help with this process. Creating or updating your will ensures that your wishes are honored, your family is informed and gives you an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the causes you cherish.  

If you’ve already included the YMCA of Greater Cleveland in your will, or for questions, please contact Megan DeFranco, Director of Development, at or call her at 216-263-6296.