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Walk-in Wednesdays graphic: Try us out on any Wednesday in February, join that day, and we will waive the join fee! Save up to $100!
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Spread the Word: Walk-in-Wednesdays in February

Do you know someone who would benefit from a Y membership? Tell them they can visit any Greater Cleveland YMCA branch on Wednesdays in February to try us out for free. If they join that day, we will eliminate the joiner fee! Spread the word! All a visitor needs to do is check in at our reception desk and they will be good to go!
Kids posing with Cavs mascot
Y Stories

Mission Moment: Healthy Kids Day, March 2023, Rocket Mortgage Field House

A tummy full of healthy food. A cup of physical activity. A tablespoon of laughter. A pinch of curiosity. And a dash of fun! That's the recipe for the YMCA's Healthy Kids Day, which provides all the ingredients for developing healthy, resilient kids. Mark your calendars for this free, fun event at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on March 26, 2023! 
Man using his phone on an exercise machine.
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What to do if someone isn't following our rules

Our members care about each other. They follow our rules because they know we institute policies and procedures with our members' health and safety in mind. Sometimes a good member forgets to follow one of our rules and that person is quick to comply when reminded. However, some people who join our Y may not be as committed to our values as you. They may not care about our rules.
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I'm taking care of ME in 2023!

Let's face it. If change were easy, we would all do it. Many spend years developing habits that we can't expect to change overnight. As a Y member, you've got change experts at the ready to support you both in your home and at the Y! Here is a sampling of our offerings: 
Erin Troy showing a leg stretch you can do while sitting in an office chair.
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See how you can exercise in an office setting

Research has linked sitting for long periods with several health concerns. They include obesity and a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and unhealthy cholesterol levels — that comprise the metabolic syndrome. Research indicates that less sitting and moving contribute to better health.