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Image of a member checking in at the front desk.
Y Stories

Bring guests to the Y for a personalized tour

All members can bring guests to any of our branches using our guest passes. As you know, our focus on health and well-being helps members find balance in life while strengthening their community. Why not share the benefits of Y membership with those you know?
Group of middle aged men and women cheering
Y Stories

January means fun and fitness for members!

January is a great time to belong to the YMCA of Greater Cleveland! Adults can get personal training, participate in group fitness, join a wellness program, and more. Kids can join Jr. Cavs, enjoy swimming lessons, or take advantage of kid-centric branch activities. Active Older Adults participate in adult programs and offerings just for them.
Woman walking in snow
Y Stories

Ten Tips For a Guilt-Free December

As December's frosty embrace ushers in the holiday season, we find ourselves in a delicate dance between maintaining our health and succumbing to the temptations that abound.
Walter Marcus, Tim Wenzel, and Lisa Scott
Y Stories

Partner Spotlight: Acor’s and Y-Haven’s Win-Win Partnership

Overcoming homelessness and addiction is challenging. The relapse rate for addiction is 40-60 percent. This means that about half of people who have achieved sobriety will relapse at some point, with the risk of relapse highest in the first few months of recovery, but it can happen at any time.
Renovations at the Lakewood YMCA
Y Stories

Improvements happening across our Association

Keeping our branches in good shape is a task that our branch executives and operations staff focus on every day. For example, in the past month, our Lakewood branch got new fitness room flooring, our North Royalton branch’s pool and related equipment were refurbished, and work is starting on the roof of our Geauga branch.