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Every day at Y-Haven, lives change for the better. A program of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, Y-Haven provides substance use disorder treatment, mental health counseling and interim housing for three primary populations:

  1. Men who are homeless (Y-Haven);
  2. Women and men re-entering the community from incarceration (Open Door); and
  3. Women and men seeking to recover from opioid use disorder (Rising Hope).

Y-Haven’s work caught the attention of Bittersweet, a DC-based, national online publication focusing on the nonprofit sector. The outlet does a limited number of feature stories each year and decides on subjects through a selective process that includes nominations and staff voting. We were honored that Y-Haven was chosen. Bittersweet does long-form journalism with exceptional photography. There is no cost to the nonprofit for a Bittersweet story. 

In January, the outlet sent a reporter and photographer to learn more about Y-Haven by experiencing the Y-Haven Theatre Production. Below is the link to the wonderful story they created and published in April.

Thank you to the staff at Y-Haven and our friends at Cleveland Public Theatre for scheduling interviews and managing the logistics of hosting the outlet's representatives when they visited in February.

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