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As it gets darker and colder, we all become less active and motivated. The pull to stay home and curled up becomes stronger. When we allow ourselves to retreat, we also open ourselves up to weight gain, loss of fitness and decreased overall health. Staying active will also help combat those "winter blues" because exercise has been proven to elevate your mood and energy. Taking care of your health should be a year-round priority. Here are some tips from our Association Personal Training Specialist Erin Troy: 

Take this time when it may be too cold for outside for exercise to try new group fitness classes. Our Y has a variety of options for you to choose from no matter your current level of fitness, giving you the opportunity to regularly try something new.  

Find a workout buddy or sign up with a personal trainer. When weather turns cold and the days become shorter, motivation for exercising can also start lacking. Finding an accountability partner and scheduling regular appointments to exercise will help keep you on track.   

Take this time to focus more on overall health and well-being instead of simply losing weight. Are you struggling with high blood pressure? Are you worried about your risk for diabetes? Perhaps you've noticed your balance is not what should be especially in icy conditions. Now would be a good time to take control of your health beyond the typical "hit the gym" routine.  

The YMCA of Greater Cleveland YMCA many additional programs designed to help you achieve your goals. Your branch’s staff is eager to assist you.