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Y-Haven Play artwork: Troubled Waters

Y-Haven's Steps and Stages is a collaborative theater project between Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) and Y-Haven, which has been ongoing since 1999. As many YMCA of Greater Cleveland members know, Y-Haven is our program that provides shelter, recovery services and support for people experiencing homelessness and addiction. The Y-Haven Steps and Stages play is a unique and impactful program involving Y-Haven residents in creating and performing an original theater production. Purchase your tickets here.


Those who attend a Steps and Stages play call it a life-changing experience. Written and performed by Y-Haven residents under the expert guidance of Cleveland Public Theatre, the production tells the story of recovery through the eyes and experiences of those currently in treatment. The play is different every year, as a new group of residents tell their unique story in a creative and compelling performance. 


Here's an overview of the program:

  • Collaboration between CPT and Y-Haven: The program is a partnership between Cleveland Public Theatre and Y-Haven. CPT is known for its commitment to creating community-based theater that addresses critical social issues.
  • Original Theater Production: Participants in the Y-Haven program work together to create an original production. This production is based on the personal experiences of Y-Haven residents, often focusing on addiction, recovery, homelessness, and transformation themes.
  • Resident Involvement: Y-Haven residents actively participate in all aspects of the production process. This includes writing, acting, directing, and designing the performance. This involvement empowers residents to share their stories and creativity through theater.
  • Transformational Power of the Arts: The Y-Haven Steps and Stages play demonstrates the transformative power of the arts. Through their involvement in the production, participants gain artistic skills and build self-confidence, develop teamwork and communication abilities, and find a platform to express themselves.
  • Supporting Sobriety and Transition: The program aims to support participants in their journey to sobriety and recovery. By engaging in creative activities and gaining new skills, residents may find a sense of purpose and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Benefit for Y-Haven: All ticket proceeds from the performances of the Y-Haven Steps and Stages play go to support Y-Haven's mission. This fundraising aspect helps sustain the organization's efforts to provide shelter, recovery services, and support for homeless men.

The Y-Haven Steps and Stages play is an excellent example of how the arts can inspire personal growth, recovery, and social change. It benefits the participants involved and raises awareness and support for the vital work of Y-Haven in addressing homelessness and addiction in the Cleveland community.


Please support Y-Haven by purchasing tickets here.