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Personal Trainer guiding member on an exercise machine

Active Aging Month encourages seniors to take a more active role in their health and well-being. At the Y, we sincerely believe your best life does not have to be behind you.    

You must move your body to slow down or even stop the decline that can come with aging. Exercise is recommended, but a fitness program must consider your age and ability. Indeed, it can be more complicated to navigate now that your goals, needs and priorities have shifted. Safety when exercising is also important.   

We suggest working with one of our certified personal trainers. They will help you determine your goals, set a clear path to help you achieve them, build safe and effective workouts reducing the risk of injury, and tailor the program to your abilities.   

Aging gracefully requires making health and wellness a priority. Let us help you!   To learn more about personal training, visit     

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