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A personal trainer guides a woman doing sit ups

Make Affordable Personal Training Part of Your New Routine!

As summer winds down, we start to think about our new academic year schedules. In addition to taking care of those around you, may we suggest you take some time for yourself?

Getting in better shape has many benefits, but many people do not know where to start. Others do their own workouts, but they do not see results or, frankly, they are bored with doing the same few exercises time and again. Plus, let’s be honest – many of us could use the discipline of being in a program that encourages and challenges us to achieve our goals.

That’s where the Y comes in. We offer affordable personal, partner and small group training to help you set and meet your personal fitness goals. We believe personal training is for everyone, regardless of their physical condition. Whether you're new to the Y and seeking extra guidance, a triathlete needing support training for a big race or looking to enhance your functional fitness for everyday life, our trainers will help you reach your goals in a way that works best for you.

Why work with a personal trainer?

  • Personal trainers are your partner in motivation and commitment to reaching your health and fitness goals. They bring positive encouragement, accountability, and support to every session.
  • Personal trainers customize and map out a plan to reach your fitness and health goals. They identify short and long-term goals and help you track and measure your progress each session.
  • Personal trainers integrate variety into your sessions to avoid training plateaus and to keep exercise fun. They are experts in problem-solving roadblocks and getting you back on track!
  • Personal trainers customize training plans that keep you engaged, inspired, and having fun! They introduce fresh workouts and techniques and offer alternatives along the way.

Our personal training is available in 30-minute and 1-hour options. All sessions are customized with your personal trainer. You decide how often and how long you work together. You can train one-on-one or have a friend or family member join you. You can even meet in a small group of three-to-six to provide fitness in a fun, interactive and supportive setting. Don't put off your fitness goals any longer. We can do this together. To learn more, please click the button below.


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