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You’re invited to participate in the very first national YMCA 21-Day Equity Challenge titled, Be Courageous, with the goal of linking communities together to promote equity and belonging. During this free, month-long journey, participants will receive learning content through brief, engaging videos and articles. They can also participate in Zoom conversations with content experts and through a Facebook Group, the ‘Better Us Community.’ 

The curriculum is based on the work of Raj Chetty, Economist and Social Scientist at Harvard University. His work revealed patterns of upward mobility and stagnation, identified by several factors that, if addressed, can help create a more equitable society for all. The topics that will be covered in each session are:

  • August 1 – 2 “The Brutal Facts”
  • August 3 – 5 “Social Capital”
  • August 8 -10 “Educational Quality”
  • August 11, 12, 15 “Racial Isolation”
  • August 16 –18 “Economic Segregation”
  • August 19, 22, 23 “Family Stability”
  • August 24 – 26 “Bridging Community”
  • August 29 – “Celebrate”

Join the challenge by clicking the button below to register. The Y is providing this opportunity for growth and safe conversation at no cost to all.

Join the Challenge!

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