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5 days of action

This April, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland shines a spotlight on the importance of child abuse prevention. In alignment with our dedication to the safety and well-being of children within our community, we are proud to announce our participation in the Five Days of Action. This vital initiative is set to unfold from April 15-19, aimed at heightening awareness around child sexual abuse and bolstering our collective ability to prevent such incidents.

Throughout these five impactful days, we will unveil the "Know. See. Respond." campaign, a strategic approach to equip and empower our community members with essential knowledge and tools to safeguard our children.

  • Know: Understanding the reality of child sexual abuse is the first step in prevention. For parents, caregivers, and any adult in a position of trust and responsibility towards children, gaining knowledge on this subject is critical. By familiarizing ourselves with the signs and the extent of this issue, we become better prepared to protect the young ones who rely on us.
  • See: In today's world, children's lives are deeply intertwined with media and technology. While the digital realm offers vast opportunities for learning and growth, it also poses risks. By observing and understanding the online and media interactions of children, caregivers can proactively ensure that these environments remain safe and nurturing, free from abuse.
  • Respond: Knowing how to effectively respond to situations that may put children at risk is invaluable. The conversation about prevention can be challenging, but it's necessary. We encourage you to visit our website at YMCA of Greater Cleveland Youth Protection Resources for access to resources that can guide these critical discussions and actions.


The YMCA of Greater Cleveland is unwavering in its commitment to the protection of children. By joining forces during the Five Days of Action and beyond, we reaffirm our pledge to foster a safe environment for all children in our community. Let us come together this April to educate, advocate and take tangible steps towards preventing child abuse.