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Let's face it. If change were easy, we would all do it. Many spend years developing habits that we can't expect to change overnight. As a Y member, you've got change experts at the ready to support you both in your home and at the Y! Here is a sampling of our offerings: 

  • The Y's Healthy Weight Program is a virtual education/discussion class that explores the proven science and challenging psychology behind losing weight and keeping it off. This is a great companion to the Y's Real You Weight Loss Program, our in-person exercise program.
  • The Diabetes Prevention Program gives you the support you deserve to lose weight, eat healthier, and make lasting lifestyle changes. We offer this program both in-person and virtually for people at risk of developing diabetes.
  • What Can I Eat? helps people with type 2 diabetes answer that question. You even get free groceries as part of the program! We offer this program both in-person and virtually.
  • The Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program will give you the skills to correctly monitor and lower your blood pressure. We offer this program both in-person and virtually.
  • Arthritis Balance Crosswalk will help you manage the challenges of arthritis and lower your risk of falling. We offer this program both in-person and virtually.

The Y is a trusted voice on health and well-being issues. We are a leader in fighting chronic disease. And we're committed to empowering people to lead fuller lives. Make some changes for the better and join us! Classes begin in January. Want more information? Please email us at or call our message line at 440-574-0580.