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Donor Pricilla Neill

Priscilla Neill is a resident of Cincinnati who has been supporting the YMCA of Greater Cleveland annually since 2010. Priscilla’s late husband, Jim Hamilton, frequently credited the Cleveland YMCA with saving his life.  

Jim grew up on the west side of Cleveland and his family was economically challenged. Some of his friends at the time were making poor choices and Jim decided to join the Y and received a scholarship around the age of 12. Jim shared with Priscilla that his decision to join the Y put him on a better path in life. He became a camp counselor around 1955. The Y gave Jim a sense of what he could achieve, what he could be, and how to get there. He set goals and got scholarships. He realized his dream of becoming a French professor at the University of Cincinnati and living that dream for 40 years.

After Jim’s passing in 2010, Priscilla was able to visit the Prospect YMCA in Cleveland which made an impression on her. She believes the Y helps youth learn about themselves and develop skills that will help them identify and achieve their dreams.

Recently Priscilla shared with us that the YMCA of Greater Cleveland is listed in her will. The Y is honored and grateful that Priscilla has shared this intention with us. Thank you, Priscilla, for your past, current and future support of our Cleveland community!

If you have remembered the YMCA of Greater Cleveland in your estate plans, we would be honored to understand your intentions. If you would like more information on how you can support the Y now or in the future, please contact Megan DeFranco, Director of Development, or 216-263-6296.