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YMCA staff member engaging a group of kids in an activity

Is your teen looking for something to do after school or on the weekends? Try a job at the Y! We have positions available at our 11 locations throughout Greater Cleveland in a variety of departments. Check out five reasons teens should work at the Y:

It’s a Great Resume Builder

  • A part-time job is the first listing on a resume for many teens and working for a well-known organization can help set you apart. The YMCA brand is trusted around the world for high quality wellness, educational and community focused programming.

Earn Some Money

  • A part-time job is a great way for teens to dip their toes into the workforce and earn a paycheck. Whether your teenager is saving towards college or just wants to have money to spend at the mall. A part-time job is a great way to start budgeting and learning the value of money.

Explore Different Career Paths

  • The various opportunities at the Y allow teens to explore various career paths through on-the-job discovery and mentorship before they even graduate high school. This early exploration can help your teen narrow down their interests for a long-term career.

Build Confidence and Improve Your People Skills

  • Earning a paycheck and taking on responsibilities outside of the home are great ways for teens to build confidence in themselves and their abilities. Teens also learn important people skills, such as conflict resolution, empathy for others and nonverbal communication by working with a diverse group of coworkers and members

Workout for Free

  • All Y employees receive a free membership to the Y and a discount on all Y classes and programs. 

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