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Lakewood Branch Group Exercise

Delinda Hupka
Wellness Director

Group Exercise

We offer a wide variety of classes including ongoing classes that are free with membership as well as Specialty (fee-based) Classes that run in conjunction with the branch program schedules.

Click here to view current schedules

New Year's Resolutions: How to Make SMART Goals

2014 Have you made your New Year's Resolution?  Make SMART goals to help you achieve success:

SPECIFIC - Simply saying you want to lose weight isn't specific. How much do you want to lose and by when? How will you achieve the weight loss (or increased activity, changing food choices, etc)?
MEASURABLE - Hold yourself accountable by measuring your progress. 
ATTAINABLE - Set reasonable, realistic goals.
REALISTIC - Be honest with yourself. How likely are you to maintain these lifestyle changes long term? Be aware of potential obstacles.
TIMELY - No goal matters unless you set a realistic time frame to your journey

MOTIVATION SUPPORT SUCCESS: Personal Training at the Y

Get in shape with one-on-one or small group training with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. All sessions are catered to help individuals achieve maximum results and meet fitness goals. 

Get motivated, get support and succeed!

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Research supports that you can reach your fitness goals in half the time by simply working with a certified professional trainer.  We take the extra time to match you with the right trainer to motivate and inspire you and help your with your goals.
Contact Delinda at the Lakewood Family YMCA for more details 216-521-8400